Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To the top and back

Unfortunately I haven’t even had a chance to thank you all for being so supportive and wishing us well. As you could tell from Lee’s post, WE MADE IT TO THE TOP OF KILIMANJARO!!! What an amazing experience. I can go on and on….but before all that I want say- Thank you! … for goading me on (I could have died, you freaks!!!). To whoever advised me to take the ipod, I want to kiss you! (Just as I figured that the guy is Smiley, I quickly withdraw that offer.)

Thank you also for all those who donated to my cause. I raised $3,500 from this fundraiser! It will all go towards constructing a fish farm in Mali.

Yes, Kilimanjaro was tougher than I had ever imagined. Much tougher than coming out of my mom’s stomach. (yes, babies have it tough too. They just can’t express themselves as eloquently as the moms).

It has been a month since I am back, but I can’t stop thinking about Tanzania. Someone take me back….just one more time. So unfortunately for some, I will attempt at recreating all the good times (as and when time permits). The bad times will be exaggerated so that some of you don’t jump up and say, ’Hmmm. I could have done that too!’ Even Edmund Hillary didn't climb Kilimanjaro!

[Also posted in my other hiding place]


napp said...

Hey Alpha,
Congrats on both klimbing the big K and also raising the funds for the project in Mali.
Was wondering about this complete blackout about the dream Expedition!!!!!
Don't tell me this is all You have to say about the trip to the dark continent?????
Look forward to reading more about the exploits of Alpha in Africa!!!!!

Alpha said...

napp, will definitely do..with pictures. my top agenda for the weekend. hopefully i dont get distracted.

Rationale said...

I'm sure your climbing posts will only encourage others to take it upon themselves for someother good cause! Infact I would watch the exaggerations. (Dont tell people what they dont want to hear) ;)

And the other blog is your hiding place? Who u hiding from eh?

bloghopper said...

Oye Suman, where are the pictures ?

Arghh to the word verification :(

Anonymous said...

Pictures, we want pictures! For someone you've met just once, aren't I too demanding?


:-) said...

What a nice way to wake up. To know that Alpha owes me a kiss. Sigh. I am feeling a lot better now. :-)