Sunday, September 14, 2008

Extraordinary people can't be related to

Say Godzilla decides that he wants to have some Indian today. He carries you off and places you on the buffet tray in Taj Mahal Indian restaurant. Definitely a worrisome proposition. You need help. Whom would you turn to?

a. Superman, the guy who paid too much for his chaddi and now needs to show it off.

b. Priya, the girl who flunked in Social Studies- just like you.

If your answer is b, you must be a white Republican suburban hockey mom! Just because you dimwits relate to Sarah Palin, doesn’t mean she can save you from the Godzilla. Go have some paani-poori with this woman and please vote for someone capable. [hint: Obama]

This advertisement is paid by the polar bears, moose, wolves, pigs, gays and people who would like to see less of the bleached wax statue called McCain on TV for the next four years. I might be forced to watch the E! channel (excuses excuses).


Patrix said...

Ah! Nice to see you turn into an environmentalist. I remember you ranting about some pesky unpredictable bald eagles a while back :)

arykko said...

i completely agree with so glad to see soo many ppl in the blogosphere who are so concerned about the world...

really like you posts...very interesting... :D

Alpha said...

patty, I was always a tree hugger (at least try)..just a little peeved about the bald eagle and now this Palin woman! She is giving me the heebiejeebies.

arykko: Thanks man!

Rationale said...

Obama may be the best choice right now, but that aside ... where in the world did you get this scenario from?!!!

If you really want to plug Obama, concoct something more believable ...:)) Like the person who saved you from having to "run" instead of taking good 'ol public transport, if we had more of it.

Choice b would be "The woman who's daughter had a baby and she tried to pass it for her own!" Tsk what is this? A soap opera! Hmm me thinks Palin does this country in-justice- by encouraging the misconceptions that outsiders already have! :(

Munimma said...

yes, Obama. More so now.
But the average person seems to like the lipstick.

Hehhhh said...

-->Is still mourning loss of Hillary.

Obama is just too perfect, too ready with the exact line, too ... fucking creepy.

Anonymous said...


"If you really want to plug Obama ..."

whatever gave you that idea? from what i read in this post, alpha would rather plug palin ... and everyone who votes for her. ;-)


obama sounds (and might end up being) too good to be true. but yes, he is the better of two evils.

- s.b.

Anonymous said...

whoops, i really meant hehhhh not hehhh or hehhhhh! my bad!

- s.b.

Alpha said...

rationale: Republicans dont read my blog. So no point in making the right point and all.

munimma: I work in a plce that is going on and on about how they love palin..if I stick a knife on someone, it was God's will.

Hehh: Now this is the creepiest reason why people wouldn't vote for Obama. He is a lawyer; he is far from perfect.

sb: Yes, more and more I am finding out that I live in a country of morons! I could be the president if I had citizenship...I am Palin-Obama mix. I wear lipstick and I have a funny name.

Munimma said...

turn evangie, convert them. your samaritan do for the century!

Anonymous said...


maybe obama-mccain should exchange partners (become political swingers, if you will).

i bet that you - and your office-buddies - would have no qualms in voting for the obama-palin ticket vs. mccain-biden (unless you are a desi who works in dunkin donuts or subway, in which case you've gotta vote biden!).

- s.b.

Alpha said...

sb darling, my office buddies just want to see more blood shed...and russia seems like a nice place to start with some simultaneous drilling in AANWR. If you've been to alaska, you'll know how my blood boils at such a prospect. I understand the need to be self suffient in 20 years or so..and the need for economic growth, but not at the expense of the planet and what you can leave behind to the next generations. As far a I am concerned, yes, it shouldn't effect me in this life as a non polar bear..but only when we have started living for the greater good, we would have actually made a scratch on the planet. My humble take...and now please vote for me.

Alpha said...

sb- when i said stratch, i didnt mean with a compass. so be gentle with the scratching.

Anonymous said...

this sketch (i dont know what else to call it!) was ul-tee-mayt! What a way to get at the election campaigns n all. I hope I got it right. U really intended that right?

Alpha said...

youprat..yes, i hope i instilled enough fear among the brainless of this country.

Zoheb said...

I have signed the petition. I am always glad to help

Hardu said...

Where have you disappeared? Do you have a new blog now??