Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh hi!

This blog has become that friend that you postpone calling because you need at least an hour to catch up and you never ever find that hour. How awkward!

If that friend were to be on facebook, he/she would have seen this on my profile- Moving back to India with my company working on Bangalore International airport.

Thank God for facebook, I don't have to update my blog.


Patrix said...

And then there are the ones that are on your Facebook and still read your blog.


Harshad said...

Same pinch! I mean for moving back to India. Moved from San Diego to Hyderabad last month..

Don't know if you will be able to remember me.. I had forgotten about your blog till an update showed up on my Google reader. Thought I'll drop you a comment... I know you have lots of fans, but lets see if you can remember me...

shub said...


And there are those that aren't on your facebook, but still read your blog.

See you in Blore sometime :)

Alpha said...

Heyy, you all!

I remember you Harshad ..welcome back (dont ask me what i remember about you specifically):)

shub, see you soon.

Me said...

Based on R2I blogging trends this post says

You are quitting blogging because all your free time at work is spent at canteen eating samosas.


...you are going to blog about maids.

Anonymous said...

me, i hope to have free time at work..then i'll blog no!

i hate chinese commenters.


Harshad said...

so when did you return? did you return for good or this is a temporary move?

Anonymous said...

moving to india for good?

google reader's just like facebook ...

-Elaichi Chai

Anonymous said...


the next blog post will be by alpha's maid-to-blog maid! ;-)


whatever alpha does, she does for good ... humanity's good, pi's good, her good. as long as she does not go to hire-da-bad (pardon my puny punny dyslexia) - i heard good means something else over there! ;-)

- s.b.

Rash said...

Why haven't you moved back to India and posted? Is BIAL taking up all your time? Don't abandon the old friend. Wapas ao Alpha.

Alpha said...

rash, will do will do. just busy enjoying india. are you in blr these days?

Anonymous said...

recommended by alpha, no doubt! ;-)

- s.b.

Tanz said...

Alpha....I love your blog.Always have! :)Am an ardent fan and follower (right from 2005).I come by occasionally now to see if youve updated.So please keep in mind that you do have a fan following apart from those on Facebook :)