Monday, September 15, 2014


Can't believe its been 5 years since my last update on this blog. An activity that used to consume most of my  time had been reduced to nothingness.

- Obligation to write a few lines which kept my writing going
- Keeping my mind active and entertained in a positive way
- Meeting some cool people through blogging.
- Writing anonymously helped me to vent out without remorse.
- Productivity hadn't improved in the last 5 years

Unfortunaltely, I stopped blogging because I felt that all my wonderful writing was going in vain when Chetan Bhagat was publishing crappy books. So could I. But try as I may, I couldnt compete with that guy and slowly Facebook caught up and satiated my craving for a written word and instant gratification. Now a bit jaded by the sappy updates from my friends on facebook and jealous relatives thinking that I lead a charming life, I am hoping to phase out of FB a bit and give blogging another try. Also, I hate 'likes' on FB. Write something idiot!

Meanwhile an update on the last four years-
1. Got a dog (Jeeves) in Pittsburgh in December 2009- Cute black Lab who kept us entertained and made us proud with his capability of learning new tricks. He was a such a star!
2. Left the dog back in Pittsburgh because he has a medical condition that couldn't afford him to fly back with us to India. Very saddening but got adopted by a friend and Jeeves now leads a good life.
3. Yes, we returned to India on July 2010
4. Because my mom got the dreaded Cancer. I was heart broken.
5. Transfered with same company to work for Bangalore Airport. This kept my mind occupied.
6. Spent time in India shuttling between work and hospitals. Was tough and draining.
7. Mom gave up and passed away on November 21st 2011. Finally she got relief from the torture in the name of Chemo.
8. Dad contracted Pancreatic Cancer and succumbed to it on January 4th 2012. My dad had suffered a while because of other ailments. Emphysema. So his death didnt come as that much shock to us. But I also felt so alone.
9. Took some time getting over the above.The memory of them dying in front of me haunted me every night. Work helped. Friends helped. Hubby helped. Travel helped. I had to move on.
10. Did some amazing treks in Nepal and India- Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, Indrahar pass. Fell in love with Hampi.
11. Bought a piece of land in Bangalore and started construction of our house.
12. Moved to Delhi on September 2013. Wasnt too happy about it.
13. Discovered Delhi through William Dalrymple. Became a fan- of both the writer and the city
14. Published two articles in India Today- Travel Plus. Quite kicked about it.
15. Adopted baby boy. The BEST thing to happen yet.

Life may have been challenging...but there's one thing I can say - There was never a dull moment. Except when I read Chetan Bhagat. Confession- I even read that Anu Aunty book and that 'If God was a Banker' book. *spending time on Facebook seems cool in comparison*.


Harshad said...

Guess my RSS feeds had a surprise in store. Have sent an email.

Me said...

...I am so sorry to hear about your loss Alpha.

Sachita said...

really sorry to read about your loss.

Alpha said...

thanks and its so nice to see you, wofie..i am not forgotten yet.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Alpha..

Anonymous said...

sr, welcome back

Patrix said...

Has to be the shortest post you’ve written in terms of things that have happened. But I’m glad to see you around.

:-) said...

Thanks Pratrix for still keeping your RSS alive. Welcome Alpha. Glad to see your post.
Bit upset that you didn't mention the land you bought in Hyderabad.

Anonymous said...

Smiley!!! grrr....that is for another post where unsuspecting poor Tamilians are cheated into a land scam in Hyderabad by this greedy Tycoon.

let me cool down first.

patrix, yay! missed you all.


Anonymous said...

Oh yay! Glad you are back. Please don't make this into another baby blog.

Alpha said...

That last comment had me stop in my tracks. Any hopes of coming back shattered. Plus, i dont think i was thinking clearly when i said i would start blogging with an infant around. Hahaha