Friday, November 16, 2007

Andy ko maro goli

Writers Strike has affected Despair not folks, let's look at all the wonderful alpha moments from the past. (You still around?)

ReRun 1- When Alpha was wronged by short sighted evil parents

ReRun 2- When a particular party went Northeast.

ReRun 3- When Alpha was subject to third degree by people she called her own.

ReRun 4- When Alpha returned unscathed from a wedding that was not her own

ReRun 5- When Alpha's body parts were attacked by a Vietnamese conspiracy

(Didn't see how else to break the news that Andy was a lab mate who spoke to me when he wasn't guzzling diet coke from a 7 liter tank. So in essence I spoke to him twice in my life. I also need to mention that you had to take 140 steps back to not mistake Andy for a department store. He probably was a department store considering how much he could store inside him. He was a white-washed department store that would shine like an EXIT sign every time he came back from the sun panting and puffing with 3 double cheese burgers, huge french fries, 7-liter diet coke and say, 'Duh Alpha, I heard you worship cows in India. I hope you eat em after that!'

Oh well, sorry about the ending. It is bound to build your character.)


Hehhhh said...

I just love your ends.

Err. Right. :)

You came to study the thongs of Tam Brams ? And ended up with reams about VIP briefs ?

Some untold stories there.

Keep on, we need bright spots to get through the day!

bloghopper said...

What an anti-climax !! This Andy character turns out be worse than the frenchie (without a wedgie)weilding nerds !

AKS:The chauffeur said...

Set 1: IQ1 = 100 to 160+, IQ1 = Integer
Set 2: IQ2 = log (IQ1)

I guess when it come to humor you fall in Set 1....and leaving me in set 2....rolling on my floor laughing....
Damn even word verification says HeheRRy

Ravages/CC said...

Not done. Not done. This is Andy-climax.

And, who is this AKS Chauffeur person? Periya geek humour mannan thinking?

Alpha said...

thanks dude hehh: Reading the last line, one would think some one forced it out of you.

bh: oh no! getting strange visions of Anti with contorted facial expressions. Shouldn't have done that!

AKS: Slightly slow in Math, but quick to grasp a compliment. Thanks.

Ravages: Methinks annachi has mistaken me for Alpha-the Geek Goddess.

bloghopper said...

You are now fantasising about aunty-uncle and his frenchie in a wedgie ? Ouch ! double ouch !! I am scarred for life :(

seeji said...

Ok, Re-runs convinced me that you used to be a good writer... I was always wondering how did you mange to get such huge reader base..

;) :)

Karan said...

you sound like calvin's dad with the whole 'build your character' agenda! :)
glad to see you back...
PS: 'do my masters' was a classic! :D