Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Because Dreams Need Doing

I am hoping against hopes that I will be able to pull this off. Please click the below link and support in any way you can. Even if you spread the word, it would help


Thank you for your time (hopefully you gave more than that). Ask me if you have questions like 'Is 400 too little?' Please note, the online option will take minimum of $25, but you can definitely write a check for lower amounts.

Engineers Without Borders helps me realize many of my passions- mentoring, traveling, interacting with community, doing good and of course engineering. No profession unleashes the spirit of innovation like engineering. Few have such a direct and positive effect on people’s everyday lives.

Off on a practice hike in Utah this Thanksgiving and spending the flight time learning on how to breed fish.


Rationale said...

Finally, someone who feels they should live longer! (When I say I want to live to atLEAST a hundred and ten I encounter, "Oh no, I want to die at 65!" in reply. (60-70 being the majority that people want to reach to)

Good luck in Utah. Endure to gain endurance!

Alpha said...

rationale: thanks!!!! As a gift of appreciation, I will send you photos. I want to live as long as the world can take me.

Rationale said...

More photos? Your gifts are getting predictable. (Hmm re-thinking the magazine subscription!)

"No profession unleashes the spirit of innovation like engineering". Hehe I'd bet everyone would say that of their profession.

Alpha said...

Rationale: yes yes, if u want me to stop sending your pics, how abt gifting me a lens..i am looking for the wide-angled lens.

regarding profession, come on, do you think a telemarketer or even a telemarketing script writer could say that?!

anantha said...
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anantha said...

Oh so you are not going to be in Pitt this coming weekend? Tcha! I am making a flying visit, as usual.

But on the other hand, I am relieved. At least now I know that there is absolutely no way that someone is going to introduce me to a guy that I know already and also have the resulting story get splashed all over the internet. And all this when I am expecting to be introduced to a gal. :P

(P.S: Can I do what Patrix did and post this on my blog too? Am running out of post ideas ;) )

Terri said...

Way to go, alpha! Friends of ours scaled Mt. Kili a few years ago, and except for their urine forming icicles before it hit the ground, they found the experience quite thrilling. They advised visiting before the snow disappears.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Came here via Desipundit. This is great! More power to you! Good luck and I look forward to hearing about it on your blog. Perhaps you could post your training experiences too?

Why don't you have a paypal button for the donations instead of the laborious (Well not really, but i am a lazy bum) form that is there?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Alpha! Will root you all the way to the summit.

Have fun in Utah.


Alpha said...

anti: You want Patrix now? tsk tsk..(serves you right not to address the crux of this post and dwell on mundane thing slike you making a visit to Pittsburgh)Go on post away. for every twenty dollars I get thru your site, i'll intrduce you to a girl.

terri: great. Will send you pics of yellow icicles. Quite thrilled about the whole trip though.

Girl_from_ipanema: Thanks so much for wanting to support and hopefully getting over that terrible hump of a form. That form is a way I can keep track of you angels. Not sure that paypal is an option. Just send me the cc number and I can help...*kneading hands*. Well, I didnt think it was an option not to hear about my traing, eating, shitting regime before i embark on the mountain.

But seriously, thanks!!! Will keep you updated.

MB: Thanks!

Seetha Bhagvat said...

De-lurking to wish you luck.

I walked 60miles earlier this year for breast cancer and thought I did something huge (patted myself on the back big time, too). Now I feel very insignificant in front of the mountain.

Good luck with the climb. I did my part.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alpha,

Wish you great luck for this challenge ! I wanted to donate $10 but is seems the min. amt is $25 as per the form. Is there anyway I can contribute a lesser amount ?


Vukks said...

gluck with the expedition
come on into Mumbai in early Dec for an early celebration at ma wedding!
6th Dec's the date

n yeah, im still alive :)

- Ravi / EC

Leela A said...

Good luck girl. Hope you make it to the top!

Alpha said...

Seethey, Thnaks so much for delurking and contributing. 60 miles! Thats huge man! this mountain is only 4 miles and some people call it child's play.

Me; Thanks man! Yes, you can send a check to the address given below. I should have specified that.

ELaichi! Congrats yaar!!! thats great news..who got trapped this time?

lee: without your support, it might not happen..start working on your biceps.

Anonymous said...

ek hasina thi ... n she's for life :)
mail karo if ur ever comin by Bombay


bloghopper said...

Good luck, alpha ! Is Pi tagging along too ?

Rationale said...

hey you can setup paypal real easily and it might be a better option for many too. (chk out paypal.com)

and telemarketing- awesome job man! they get ppl all riled up to go innovate their brains out!

Me said...

ayoyo I am the real Me...someone is commenting using my name....

...Alphaka am mighty impressed by your effors...first katrina..now Kilimanjaro...

Karan said...

That's awesome! If someone had told me about 'Engineers Without Borders' before, I would thought of that as a waste of breath... Engineers don't like Borders anyways... they prefer cheaper online stores or ebay auctions (if beg/borrow/steal doesn't work)... right ?! :)
i just wrapped up fundraising with a marathon... but that effort falls way short (in money and challenge) in front of this. thanks for the inspiration!

Rash said...

Good luck Alpha