Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mountain Alert!!!

The Kilimanjaro blog is up! Witness our highs and lows as we try to climb the highest peak in Africa. Make sure you subscribe to the feeds, check in hourly, comment regularly, give up your normal life, but mostly please come by to cheer us on!

PS- You might see some writings other than mine. And no word verification! I guess that's the extent to which I am going to plug this.


Anonymous said...


all the best - make sure you guys climb silently, or else!

- s.b.

Alpha said...

sb- jeez..never thought abt that fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Eagerly waiting for hearing from PI on the kilimanjaro - out of curiousity. So that I can complete the picture of Alpha,PI family in my head.


IdeaSmith said...

Hi, didn't we know each other a looong time back...many years ago, many blogging platforms ago?

Saw your comment on Lee's blog and thought of the good ol' days of rediffblogs so I dropped by to say What's up??!!

WA said...

Alpha there is some suggestion of you and Terri swapping names (you've got to check Terri's blog for more info) I am so bored, pls change names and provide some entertainment no? How the hell do stay at home mom's manage? Can't wait to get back to work.

Oh yeah good luck with the climb and all

Alpha said...

Your wish has been fulfilled. I guess that's the extent you'll see from Pi....It was hard to even get him to write that!

Of course I remember you!!! Welcome back and thanks for asking, I am doing great!!!

wa, welcome back to you too! it tok me a while of detective work to figure wat you were talking about. But thanks for the comparison. I love Terri and her writing. For the longest time I thought she was a 25 year old guy living with his mom! So I still get the heebie-jeebies when I go there and there is a post of mom being naked or buying condoms. So swapping might prove dangerous.

AmitL said...

Hi,Twin..Happy New Year,and,happy mountain climbing...don't run into any bears-they'll be more scared,of course.

AmitL said...

Twin,all the best..scale Kilimanjaro,have a great time,and,keep updating us on the experience.:)

Ajit said...

Nice job. Very entertaining. I am leaving for the trek on 13th Feb and looking forward to all the pain. ;-)