Friday, September 23, 2005

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

its still like this out there? i myself am witnessing something like that here in AP. Its water everywhere.

Ash said...

Hey Alpha, hope you're doing w.r.t Rita. I'm taking refuge at College Stn. with p ... hope my apt. in Houston isn't affected...

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

hows the work going? these pics are scary... i have a cousin in houston who decided not to leave becuase the highways were so jammed... hope everyone stays safe

AmitL said...

Hi,Twin,touching photos...nature's fury hath no equal.

Leela said...

Hope you're doing ok, Alphie.

Anonymous said...

This Houston stuff is over rated. havent you guys ever seen a hurricane before. chill. relax. enjoy the powercuts.

alpha said...

Evacuated from Lousiana to Alabama! Ironic as it may least I am in the first decent city I have seen for a week..Montgomery. Sitting in out Montgomery office and working...getting paper work straight. But this seems like vaccation compared to what we were doing at the project site. Internet connection is awesome here..Hotel room in Comfort Inn seems like the Ritz! We might head back to LA on Sunday after Rita has left. Looks like we might have to re-re-build now.

Thought we'd get a break and get some breather..but the folks heer put us to work. We went scouting in alabama and started sending trailer homes to parks already. Work in alabama is going good.

Need some sleep..otherwise..i'm OK as hell.

Yeah, Houston is fine..people who stayed back are doing ok. just crazy howling winds and maybe flooding. I wish everyone safety.

Ash, you take care...I know it's your first hurricane experience and don't want to make it sound like nothing (though I alreday did..kinda..hehe)..but Rita was nothing compared to Katrina.

shufy: work is going at the pace politics allows. We are just four people in my area from my company. Wish it was faster and efficient. But I am keeping my sanity. I can sleep in mid-sentence talent I acquired. My birthday wishes to your mister.

and who the heck is leaving dating messages??? These spam people need a heart, i tell ya!

KJ said...

The fury of nature......

Hope u doing ok.

Do take care



Rhyncus said...

Disaster looks so similar irrespective of geography.

anantha said...

Alpha: Way to go gal.. keep posting... :)

Rash said...

i love that down but not out sign. take care alpha

shawnprice09821604 said...

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Parmanu said...

I eagerly await a detailed writeup on all your experiences. Hope you're jotting things in a diary.

How much longer before you get back?

:-) said...

Alpha: We are all worried about you. Please understand that in New Orleans some of the people floating are crocs wearing baseball caps.

Parna said...

hey Alpha. how are you? do update us. hope you are safe.

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thennavan said...

Alpha, enna aachchu? No updates. Hope you are ok.

Ph said...

Take care.

alpha said...

I Am doing ok. thanks for asking. We are finally moving trailers to people's homes.. housed around's a start not that great...but something. Things will hopefully move faster when i leave..this friday..home sweet home!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. Welcome back :)

- Boo.

AmitL said...

Hi,Twin,great to get some news from you.Take care.

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