Friday, September 21, 2007

Bollywood, Need a Stunt Woman?

The parking lot from where I flew off of. park somewhere down there at the edge of a creek.

....not entirely hidden.

crowds gather at the spectacle...quite dumbfounded.

Many hours later, my car emerged with a few dents. Nissan Altima - a great car for off roading!

Radom guy who witnessed the whole scene of my car charging down the hill was so happy to see me alive that he hugged me with tears of happiness.

Cop: Is that your husband?

I am sticking with the mechnical failure story. The brakes just failed! The things I had to hear after everyone realised I was safe, completly unhurt, wasn't suicidal, drunk or plain insane (last point will be contested in the court)-

Cop: Ma'am, are you sure it was not a human error? *gives me a look that is reserved for blondes*

Cop: You are an aviation engineer, you must know it takes wings to fly.

Cop: No wonder husband travels. He must feel safe that way.

Little girl of five: Wow! That must have been scraier than Atlantis!!(roller coaster ride in Universal)

Me: No sweetheart, it wasn't. *trying to hide the wild heart beats*

Little girl: Can I get a ride?

Me: How much did Atlantis charge? (Parents pull the kid away after telling me Jesus lives)

Good news- I found my lost set of keys that came flying on my face while I was trying every possible way to come to a stop on the steep slope. Good thing I didn't stop on the slope. Would have overturned for sure and my brains would have come flying out. Some lost and found moment that would have been!

All said and done, thankful to be alive! The only scratch I got was from a bush that I walked on while climbing up.

All women drivers, I hope I didn't malign your name further.


anantha said...

WAAAT? Idhu eppo?

Alpha said...

last night.

Anonymous said...

who took the pics ? :-)

Alpha said...

me. this was today when teh towing company came..last night it got dark and they didnt have the right length of rope etc.

Rationale said...

Man oh man! You need to ask KM to get u a driver and/or car with airbags for all passengers!

And to think just the other day I chided yr bro for generalising on women drivers! :(

Alpha said...

rationle: I dont know whether to laugh or cry when I called him and said guess what...he asked me if i crashed my car!
brothers are intuitive as sisters are predictable!

Ash said...

Wow, you truly live an adventurous life!

Patrix said...

Only a transportation engineer can manage to achieve this...tsk tsk...resisting all references to women drivers or 'madrasi' chicks :)

anantha said...

WAT DID YOU DO? Get drunk and press the accelerator instead of the brake? :O

Terri said...

From the outdoor photos, it looks like alpha's ushering in the fall season.

Anonymous said...

What? No flames, tree collisions or exploding car? Boring, boring.

Hehhhh said...

"random guy ...hugged me with tears of happiness"

Well, what do I qualify for?

bloghopper said...

You are one museum worthy specimen !

Alpha said...

ash: seriously wonder if that was said in awe.

patrix: glad to know some things don't change patty. same pjs even after all these years.

terri: jeez, thats a nice one too..wonder why the cop didn't belt that one out.

anantha: i did that without getting drunk. I still believe the brakes failed. Nissan Altima is said to have this issue (there have been 5 cases reported so far for my model) which is quite freaky! it could happen to anyone...

anon: i'll send you a rajni kant movie. have fun!

hehh: radom guy 2

bh: better be the louvre. only the best for me.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the car in Reverse gear?
When you recover, please do explain.

From the photos, looks like I would have done the same as random guy!

:-) said...

you gotta be kidding !!!! Hilarious stuff(as usual) :-)

Twilight Fairy said...

Goodness! and you actually had pics taken of the heroic deed!


and women drivers shall defi curse u for all eras to come :). I just hope those pics dont become a fwd and circulate on the net :P.

Alpha said...

anon: aiyoo..why reverse gear. I was in the process of parking and moving ahead. I wanted to stop (believe me I did)..I hit the brakes, that's when it shot down the hill.

i hope you are better looking than the random guy.

smiley: you find this hilarious!!! my god..u need to stop getting involved in too many telugu movies dude.

tf: my apologies to women i said bad things happen to good drivers.
i didnt HAVE pics taken..i took them myself...presense of mind is always there even at dire circumstances..while going down that hill, i even put my hand brakes. *pat in my back*
oh the shop called, 5000 dollars in damage. would you be interested in buying a real cool second hand car?

Anonymous said...


welcome back (and thankfully in one piece).

"I hit the brakes, that's when it shot down the hill."

sounds like a case for p.i. johnny (one of my favourite characters, btw).

- s.b.

Well Heeled said...


Alpha said...

s.b.: welcome back you too! I can come up with at least three ways to dusty death.

well heeled: I am well healed too.

bloghopper said...

5000 dollars in damage !! I say donate the car and get a tax deduction :)

AmitL said...

Whew..thank heavens you're aok,Twin...imagine making light of such a situation,in this post..hats off to you..I guess the One Above wants you to be around for a good many more years,entertaining us.(Hint,hint..more regular posts,pls):)

Alpha said...

amit: thanks man!!! someone IS watching over me...the same someone who pushed me over that cliff. but hey, with well wishers like you i'll be alright!

shub said...

Cannot seem to get past tis post and the pics! Unbelievable! And only a seasoned blogger can see the light side of it and immediately see a potential post even while one's staring down the barrel!
Glad you escaped unscathed! (who'll give us our monthly laughs otherwise?!)

Munimma said...

Howdy neighbor!
Looks like you have been busy.

How come no wise guys came up with - Did you mistake the accelerator for the brake? - yet?

Alpha said...

shub: thanks was actually ok..i was fine even mentally..only a few times i got some nightmares and made me look at things in perspective..

munimom: oh that was a given!! when they said human error, that's what it was all about.

yaadayaada said...

Have been a silent reader of your blog. This post made me break that silence. Good your are ok! At the same time, this is one funny post!

Anonymous said...


"And only a seasoned blogger can see the light side of it and immediately see a potential post even while one's staring down the barrel!"

this would be a nice response, eh?

- s.b.

Ravages/CC said...

Yo! Are you okay? I did read you only suffered a scratch, but some cases of trauma induced amnesia takes years to manifest - it took me 21 years after I was dropped on the head to display signs of it.

And, did you find how much Atlantis did charge? I see a great new biz opportunity there.

Alpha said...

yaadayaada: thanks da!

sb: so true..i was jumping in joy when this happened.. but sadly i was so damn freaked out that i couldnt do enough justice to the post.

ravages: i think this cured me..
i think it'll be hard to get a permit in this country...i am thinking of pushing people over in the kuvam as a really neat biz op.

Uma said...

Bilady hell. Glad you are okay.

Anonymous said...


meet your match!

- s.b.

Alpha said...


Chitra said...

Whaaaaaaaaat??? Here I am..after so many months...and this is what I find..??? [TEEEE HEEEEE ]