Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Smoke while Blogging. Check.

I am overwhelmed. I have so many things happening in my life that ‘pausing to smell the flowers’ is there in my list of things-to-do.

I make to-do lists during the better part of the day and agonize over efficiently prioritizing my work. Mostly I try to multi-task to be able to perform many such activities in minimal time and achieve pride and contentment.

Shit before brushing or Brush before kissing? Maybe shit-brush-kiss.

Since I simply can’t decide, I just exist in a plane of indecisive dilemma doing practically nothing till it’s almost time to eat. Glad to note I do have some priorities straight.


bloghopper said...

Did your momma drop you on your head, when you were small ?

Alpha said...

bh: what gave that away? i definitely used to be small.

Zoheb said...


Rationale said...

Thats why you should quit the 9-5 and start making lists full time!

I'm off sick today :( So gimme more to read.

Alpha said...

zo: hello...i think we can go hello-hello here pretending you still have the phone.

rationale: that sounds like a great plan. let me put that in my list.

AmitL said...

hahaha..pausing to smell the flowers? for sh*t-brush-kiss,I never thought of the importance of the sequence...:)