Thursday, September 20, 2007

How I lost my first friend in Pittsburgh

A year ago, desperately finding a silver lining to this dark cloud, I figured buying a house would be the best thing to bind me to Pittsburgh and keep me occupied. I couldn’t stop dreaming about mowing lawns, wiping hard wood floors, drawing basement plans, buying new door knobs to replace the green ones, buying chandeliers to compliment those door knobs, buying new furniture to match the chandelier, eating home made rasam rice everyday to be able to pay mortgage, selling the house to be able to buy a winter jacket when the cold gets unbearable trying to save on heat bills. Sigh! My dream house!

We found a huge mansion that could fit all the homeless of Chicago in the second floor, all the rodents of Karni Mata Temple in the basement and hubby in the laundry room. We had to believe it was the perfect location when we saw a desi family peering intently at us from their dark garage, door half drawn. I ran up to them, squeezed myself inside their garage and bombarded them with a few questions of the neighborhood and specifically the lady’s culinary skills. Husband did a little talking, wife just nodded while the kid wailed. Overall I was thrilled to have neighbors who could lend curry leaves at the crucial time during preparation of aforementioned rasam. Unfortunately they shut their garage door when we were just about to invite ourselves to their house to check if they had a similar granite counter top.

We went back to Chicago and were debating about the new house when I realized that I had another grave question to ask someone who lived in that area. It could make or break the deal. I went into, a website that lets serial killers and other antisocial elements find out how much you paid for your house, your full name and general details like your mole locations. All you have to do is type in the address and viola! your whole neighborhood’s horoscope will be on your lap to lap it off. That’s how I found out that Mr. Rao paid 5K less than what we were being quoted for a similar house. ‘They probably don’t have the granite counter top,’ I argued with hubby. Unwanted information was also gathered- He moved in with Pramila Rao in 2005 from Guntur and their kid Gugulu Rao has 5 teeth. I typed his name in (a site where jobless people and nerds spend quality time increasing Google’s stock prices) and got his email id through some other association site (Andravaadus of Pittsburgh who love Chiranjeevi). Overall, I had him nailed.

I emailed him the next day, brushing his memory on my divine intervention into their garage the other day. He surely hadn’t forgotten and confessed I had startled him again as he didn’t remember divulging his name, let alone his email id. I didn’t bother with the details, but asked him the question that was plucking my mind,

’Is there a nice eyebrow place nearby?’


Zoheb said...

Vaishali, only 7$ for eyebrows.

Terri said...

Did you buy the mansion or not? Congratulations on becoming a proud homeowner, if you did.

AmitL said...

LOL...Twin,that was one great post..I see house-hunting is as much fun as you make it out to be.So,did you buy the mansion,finally?And,did you locate any serial killers?LOL at Mr. Rao paying 5k less than what you did.And,how many homeless do you plan to fit into the second floor,finally? drop by my website too.:)

anantha said...

Homeowner Alpha.. congrats!

anantha said...

And frankly, I don't understand this brouhaha over eyebrows! My idea is, if you dont like it, shave it!

Alpha said...

zo: going with how vaishali does your eyebrows, i will not go with anything more than $5!

terri: i was going to launch into that story , but something else came an accident. regular programming will continue.

amitl: thanks man! Will defi comeover..i have to update your new url. the house wasn't to be.

ana: when did i say i bough the house da..always jumping into conclusions. shave it aaa?? i will look like a hermit frog!

Me said...

what you did not buy a home? i thought you did few months back...:o

Alpha said...

me: its been a long time since i said anything maccha..who were you reading thinking its me?