Tuesday, July 11, 2006


When natural calamities like floods and hurricanes strike, you have harrowing moments, gripping fear, immense sadness, sense of helplessness and a resolve to move on. But when something like this happens, all of the above is reinforced with feeling of pure anger. And when did anger solve any issue?


upsilamba said...

sad sad event.
Bunch of cowards and bastards - terrorists or fanatics.

?! said...

Well said.

Rationale said...

Hope all your friends and family are safe?

alpha said...

rationale: yes they are. thanks.

AmitL said...

U're so right,Twin...when such incidents occur,one does tend to feel angry...but,then,it does not resolve any issue.Guess it's just another reminder that life's too short.

Grey Shades said...

You hit the nail on the head there!

Anonymous said...

excerpts from poem 'kshama aur daya' (on lord rama's encounter with the ocean) by raamdhari singh 'dinkar'

"teen divas tak panth maangte
raghupati sindhu kinaare
baithe padhte rahe chhand
anunay ke pyaare pyaare
uttar men jab ek naad bhee
uthaa naheen saagar se
uthee adheer dhadhak paurush kee
aag raam ke shar se
sindhu deh dhar traahi traahi
kartaa aa giraa sharan men
kshamaa shohtee us bhujang ko
jiske paas garal ho
usko kyaa jo dantheen, vishrahit,
vineet saral ho"

- s.b.

Anonymous said...

really tragic !